Assisting in preserving and interpreting the natural and cultural resources of Borderland State Park

Friends of 

Norma Urban
Vice President
Kaitlyn Abdou - Interm
Jeanette Camara
Beth Roll Smith
Tour Guide Director

Kaitlyn Abdou

Stephanie Cramer


Melanie Kirylo
Park Supervisor
Andrew Buckley

Visitor Service Supervisor
Paul Clifford
Director Emeritus
Oakes Ames Plimpton

Board Members
Linda Grenon
Andrea Miller

​Dale Thistle

Jeff Sedgwick

Elizabeth Marcus

Donna Seigal

Virginia Murray



"We want to go back, always back, and more of us long for a knowledge of the past, even for the sensations of an existence in it, than those of us who speculate idly concerning the distant and intangible future."

- Oakes Ames

Incorporated in 1972, Friends of Borderland, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization that assists the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation in preserving and interpreting the natural, historical, and cultural resources of Borderland State Park in North Easton.

In addition to assisting the park by purchasing flowers, bird seed, mutt mitts, sponsoring events, etc.  Each year we pick an item or items that are in need of restoration, in order to preserve the history for future generations.  In 2020-2021, we are raising fund to promote programs that focus on the 19th amendment, in which both Oakes and Blanche fought hard for the women's vote.  In addition working towards making the gardens and the old swimming pool more beautiful.  Please consider donating today to help in these efforts and many more!