Assisting in preserving and interpreting the natural and cultural resources of Borderland State Park

Friends of 

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    • "Spring Buds Over Lake" by Karen Wilcox, "Dragonfly on Lily Pad" by Karen Cleary, “Calm” by Karen Wilcox, "House of Flowers" by Kornel Jonas, "A Wooden Door" by Linda Little, “Celebrating a Century!” by Karen Wilcox, “The Mansion After Dark” by Al Merrill, “Sepia Reflection” by Karen Wilcox, “Springtime Visitor” by Karen Wilcox, “December’s Snow Man” by Ken Conway, “Come In From The Cold” by Lori Lucas, "Lilly Bay" by Camille Yahrmarkt,Orchid illustrations by Blanche Ames Ames, Numer​ous photos by Joe Harris, numerous photos provided by Oakes Ames Plimpton and Borderland State Park archives


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