The goal of the Friends of Borderland and it’s board of directors is to protect and preserve the Ames Mansion, the park's 1,800 acres of land and to honor the legacy of the Ames family. 

We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization that assists DCR in managing and maintaining Borderland State Park.  We need volunteers in different capacities to best serve our membership and visitors.  

We thank you for expressing an interest in assisting our goals and mission. Borderland State Park is a gem and with your help we will create a better environment for all to enjoy.


Tour Guide 
Prior to each 3-Floor Mansion tour season (April-November), we provide a tour guide training session and will review and provide materials with you to ensure you will be ready to lead a tour. Should enjoy history and public speaking.

Tour Usher
Accompanies tour groups on our 3-floor mansion tours, to ensure all visitors are following rules.  Assist in answering questions and giving guidance. Training will be provided. Should enjoy history and providing customer service.

Event Volunteers
We host a number of unique programs and events throughout the year (Art show, Murder Mystery, Family Fun Day etc.)  Event Volunteers will assist in either set up, running and/or taking down after events.

Preservation Work
We assist DCR in maintaining and preserving the Ames mansion, including the artifacts. Volunteers will work with our coordinator and the DCR park staff to set up times to clean the mansion and / or work on long term projects. 

Mansion Grounds Work

Taking care of the gardens directly around the Ames mansion takes a lot of love and work. In the spring, we try to plant, mulch, weed and rake to ensure the gardens look beautiful. We continue maintaining the gardens throughout the summer and fall.

Administrative Work
Assist us with maintaining our records, organizing, research and outreach.

If you have a skill or trade or have an idea for other volunteer opportunities, please reach out to us by emailing our volunteer coordinator at

Borderland State Park is a treasure! Give back to a place that you love and that will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.  

Meet many new and interesting people, and create lasting friendships, while working towards our goals / mission.

○ Make memories for visitors.
○ Create experiences.
○ Maintain the park’s rich history and beauty.
○ Be part of a passionate team.

You will be a part of something that generations to come will enjoy! Thank you for your consideration to volunteer your time, energy and passion with us!

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