Assisting in preserving and interpreting the natural and cultural resources of Borderland State Park

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Blanche Ames Tree Panting

On October 5, 2020, Mr. Al Sax and his family donated a Malus 'Blanche Ames', a crab apple tree that his grandfather, Dr. Karl Sax selected and named after Blanche Ames of Borderland.  Descendants of Dr. Karl Sax and Blanche Ames gathered along with the Friends of Borderland and park staff to plant this tree in memory of its namesake.


Blanche Ames 1915 Suffrage Meeting Reenactment

The Friends of Borderland, along with the Southeast Massachusetts STEM network and various other organizations created a reenactment of a suffrage meeting hosted by Blanche Ames on January 13, 1915.

Oliver Ames High School Student, Olivia Pierce wrote and directed the reenactment.

History of the Bell at Borderland State Park

The Friends of Borderland, pieced together an in depth look at the iconic bell that sits on top of the historic Ames Mansion.

Presented by: Robert Babineau, Board of Directors