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Blanche Ames Ames (1878-1969) was an artist, an activist, a builder, an inventor, a birth control maverick, and a leader of the woman suffrage movement in Massachusetts. She was a society woman who was not afraid to shock polite society. Her name doesn't appear in most American history books. This, too, is part of her story. 

"Borderland: The Life & Times of Blanche Ames Ames" is a 55-minute documentary that chronicles the life of a woman who was born in the 19th century, worked to change the 20th century, and whose wisdom still resonates in the 21st century.

-BCN Productions

Due to COVID-19, there are no scheduled showings of this documentary at Borderland State Park.                  Once that changes, we will note that on this page.


The Life & Times of Blanche Ames Ames